• Safe for handling in & out of the Operating Room. The sharps are all available with no fuss about switching sides.
  • PTFE padded for complete edge protection.
  • Fully flanged frame for light weight & durability.
  • Angled slots retain Lambottes in place while bars are down.
  • Toed-in position for sharp cutting edges while bars are closed

It’s a mistake to lay your Lambottes on top of one another in the tray, either by themselves or in the bottom of your Ortho sets. The C-KURATOME® is your best solution to rack them!

The C-KURATOME® Lambotte Rack offers…

  • Polymer Pad Protects Edges
  • Sturdier Bars
  • Easy Pull-up Position for Bars
  • No-snag Latch Release Buttons Ease Opening
  • Drop-down Handle Facilitates Wrapping

You should separate items (& especially flat ones) for the detergent in the washer–sterilizer to make full surface contact with all of the instruments …to say nothing of steam in the autoclave!

A full set of 12 Lambottes has a surface area of about 109 square inches (not 28 to 30 square inches) to be cleaned & sterilized!

No more fuss about switching sides for use of straight and then curved and back again! All 12 Lambottes are safely accessible to tech.

The horizontal disposition of your Lambottes in the C-Kuratome® gives the rack a smaller footprint on the instrument table in the O.R. without danger of their tipping out and causing damage to instrument corners, to other equipment or to personnel.

Competitively priced at $550.00

Patent No. D658, 778